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"Newman has constructed a captivating puzzle of a tale that, while harrowing, concludes on a poignantly hopeful note, leaving the door open for further adventures in an all-too-believable future."

"Outside of the dark, semi-dystopian futures they show us, these novels make us privy to the deeply intimate thoughts of prickly, conflicted people, and that intimacy is a gift."

"The plot never quite goes where you expect it to, in ways both large and small. And while the last fifth of the book is a wild left turn, it still works somehow."

"a compelling mystery built around a deep study of anxiety and suspicion"

After months of travel, Anna Kubrin finally arrives on Mars for her new job as a geologist and de facto artist in residence – and already she feels she is losing the connection with her husband and baby at home on Earth.

In her room on the base, Anna finds a mysterious note, painted in her own hand, warning her not to trust the colony psychiatrist. A note she can't remember painting.

When she finds a footprint in a place that the colony AI claims has never been visited by humans, Anna begins to suspect that she is caught up in an elaborate corporate conspiracy. Or is she losing her grip on reality? Anna must find the truth, regardless of what horrors she might discover or what they might do to her mind.