Published online throughout 2018 (posts now every other day).

Imagine living in the post-Golden Age of science fiction and fantasy. What would it be like to actually be there, experiencing life, the movies, the books, the music, day per day?

There is nothing like the Journey anywhere else in the universe. The Traveler and co. live in 1963, regularly commuting 55 years into the future to write about then-contemporary science fiction and fantasy, with spotlights on the rising cadre of woman writers. But that's not all there is to life 55 years ago! So expect to read about the movies, the space shots, the politics, the music, and much more!

Serling Award winner in 2016, Hugo Finalist-runner up in 2017 and Hugo Finalist in 2018, the Journey has only gotten bigger and better, expanding coverage to include German (West and East) as well as Soviet science fiction, and of course, reviewing Dr. Who from its very first episode, which debuted in November.